Jubilee Cocktails

It's nearly the Jubilee weekend and why not celebrate with some cocktails fit for a royal....
We have 5 different cocktail recipes for you to try whether you're joining a street party or just relaxing we think these will suit what ever mood you're in.

The Crown

Glass: high ball
Method: build - ice cubes

50ml Bivrost vodka
25ml Fabbri Bergamot syrup
25ml fresh lemon juice
150ml Cold brew old grey tea
Garnish: Lemon oils & Fabbri ginger nugget


The Queens Bramble

Glass: Rock
Method: shake and strain

50ml Bivrost Pink gin
25ml Fabbri Raspberry syrup
25ml fresh Lemon juice
Top up with Berry Liquer (Chamboard)
Garnish: fresh berries on skewer


Negroni Reale

Glass: Nic & Nora or Martini
Method: Stir over ice and strain

25ml Bivrost gin
25ml Marendry
25ml Dubonnet
Garnish: Amarena Fabbri and Orange oils



Marendry Royal

Glass: flute
Method: Build - No ice

25ml Marendry
150ml Severnn Valley Brut
Bar spoon of Fabbri Marena syrup

Garnish : one Fabbri Amarena



Glass: wine
Method: build - Ice cubes

50ml Bivrost gin
25ml Fabbri Elderflower syrup
25ml fresh lemon juice
100ml Severn Valley Bacchus
25ml Story Sparkling water
Granish: Lemon oils & amarena Fabbri