Christmas around the world… first stop Norway

You may know that EBM portfolio of drinks are from all over the world. We thought why not learn a thing or two about Christmas around the world. Perhaps we will inspire you to try something new?

We have previously described Norway as a winter wonderland after seeing Birvost’s distillery in the north of Norway. The snow covered mountains, and in-door fire places reveals itself as an idyllic place to spend Christmas, but can you come on-board with their traditions?

Christmas started in the 10th – 11th century when the Christian settlers came to Norway. Fast forward to 2019, Norway’s Christmas time “Juleti” is a mix of Christian Traditions, old pagan ways and Jewish Hanukah.

Unlike the UK, traditionally Norwegians celebrate on 23rd December with a “little Christmas eve”.  Family and friends come together, clean, decorate the house and of course, the tree. Their real Christmas begins on the 24th, presents are exchanged and family and friends enjoy a Christmas dinner.

When it comes to a Christmas meal, there is nothing little about it. Much of it, you may have never even heard of…

  • Risengrynsgrøt is Norwegian rice porridge tends to be enjoyed at Christmas day lunch.
  • Ribbe are pork ribs, and Pinnekjøt, or Stick Meat,  usually salted or dried lamb ribs that have been soaked in water atleast 30 hours before eating.
  • Lutefisk is dried cod, traditionally served with fried bacon, mashed green peas and boiled potatoes. According to the people of Norway “once a year is enough”, with its gelatinous texture, Lutefisk is both loved and loathed by Norwegian people.
  • Finally, rakfisk, known to be a delicacy in Norway, is one of the world’s smelliest fishes. Consumed raw, with a aquavit in the other hand to wash it down with.
Bivrost Aquavit, traditionally enjoyed over the Christmas period.

We’d never heard of the above, but Aquavit, we know about. Aquavit is one of the special drinks from the Bivrost collection. Aquavit (from Latin: Aqua Vitae “Water of Life”) is a flavoured spirit that is principally produced in Scandinavia, where it has been produced since the 15th century.

Bivrost collection, distilled in Arctic Norway

Similar to the UK Norwegians enjoy time with the family, and clearly food and drink plays a huge part in the celebrations. Why not enjoy a Norwegian Christmas yourself, and visit the Nordic Bar, where you can find our Norwegian brand, Bivrost spirits. Nordic Bar – Scandinavian food, great cocktails and showing all sports in the heart of Fitzrovia! Instagram – @nordicbar