Feliz Navidad

You can’t beat a Mexican Christmas, 26 days of Mexican culture, delicious food, drink and celebrations. We’ve broken down the celebrations into weekly activities & cocktails… with Padre Azul!

Week 1 December 12th

Christmas starts with Feast day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. The feast day is a religious occasion, whereby Mexican pilgrims go to the heart of Mexico City and visit the La Virgen Morena. Later a firework display, parades, and live music can all be enjoyed. The most popular dish to eat during this time is Banuelos, sweet fritters, which could be paired with a La Paloma cocktail… colourful like the celebration! All you need is….

Glass of Ice, 60ml Padre Azul Blanco, 60ml Pink Grapefruit Juice, 30ml Lime Juice, 10ml Sugar Syrup & Pinch of salt. All mixed together, then topped with Soda Water.

Week 2 December 16th

Las Posadas focus’ on the journey Mary & Joseph made in search for shelter. Children will walk from House to House singing the Las Posadas song, and asking neighbours to let them in. Of course, the celebrations end with a feast, lots of drink and their traditional pinatas. This happens at the end of every evening, at a different house.

For the adults only, we thought a Mexican Coffee cocktail seems appropriate, to keep you warm & awake…

1 ounce coffee liqueur , 1/2 ounce Padre Azul Blanco tequila , 6 ounces of coffee, whipped cream & cinnamon. Pour coffee Liqueur & tequila into mug, adding fresh hot coffee, with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top!

Week 3 December 23rd

The Mexican culture not only focus’ on Mary & Joseph’s journey, but the wise men too! The play Pastorellas is performed, with each character having to overcome many hurdles, with devils and angels trying to influence their path. Typically this could take place anytime before Christmas Eve.

Nochebuena is the Spanish Christmas Eve, known as “the good night”. Families come together to indulge in a dinner. It is common to see fireworks, and be surrounded by Poinsettia flowers. Traditionally, Santa Claus does not give gifts to the children. But some children will receive gifts on 24th December and 6th December for Dia de Reyes from the Wise men.

Navidad, Christmas Day is the day of rest, after all the celebrations, families relax, and enjoy the leftovers from Christmas Eve Dinner (sounds like the UK’s version of Boxing Day). So what food is enjoyed over the Christmas period?

Tamales dumplings, with a variety of fillings inside.

Ensalada de Noche Buena a salad served after dinner, with a mixture of fruits and vegetables, you would call this a colourful salad!

Romeritos green leaves much like rosemary, delicious with Shrimp.

Bacalao dried and salted codfish, prepared with tomatoes, capers, olives and potatoes. ( a popular dish over Christmas)

To wash it down with, we suggest a La Guera; 1 Passion fruit squeezed , lemon juice 25ml , Vanilla syrup – 20ml , Padre Azul Tequila Reposado 50ml . Shake ice in a highball glass, with Garnish half passion fruit and mint.

Week 4 28th December

Post Christmas day, the celebrations continue with Dia de Los Santos Inocentes, The Thee Kings Day & Candlesmas.

A Dia De Los Santos Inocentes, is a day to pay respects to the children who were innocently massacred under King Herod’s order. Often children play pranks on their elders, and the youngest of the family are put in charge for the day. The Three Kings Day follows, a meal is enjoyed and children receive gifts from the three wise men. It is also common to join sweet bread with friends, in the shape of a wreath with a small figure of the holy baby hidden inside. Whoever finds the baby Jesus, then hosts the party of Día de la Candelaria  on Feb 2nd. The last of the celebrations, closing the Christmas season, a celebration with family and friend after a trip to the church with their Christ child figures to receive blessings for another year. To mark the beginning of the year, we thought a Tamarind Margarita would do the trick…

50ml Padre Azul Blanco , 25ml Lime Juice, Yucateco Tamarind syrup 25ml (great alternative is white wine) & Agave syrup 5ml. Fill a shaker with ice and mix ingredients.

Padre Azul Tequila

If you want to tap into a Mexican Christmas, you can start with the Mexican cocktails listed above. Padre Azul is a premium tequila brand, that is typically suited for drinking straight. With Christmas around the corner, we’d share some colourful cocktails, in colour and taste & interesting facts about a Mexican Christmas. For more information check out their website padreazul.com, or email us at info@ethnicbrandmarketing.com, we are the brand bringing drinks from around the World to the UK.