About Us

What is Ethnic?



1. relating to or characteristic of a people sharing a common unique culture, language or the like.
2. from a different culture, or interesting because characteristic of an ethnic group that is dissimilar from those common in western culture.

Who We Are

We are a newly formed brand development and sales agency, creating a diverse and unique portfolio, assembled to deliver craft and premium drink products, rich in authenticity and provenance, from across the world to the UK “On” and “Off” trade market.

Using their 100+ years combined knowledge of the UK drinks business our three founders have assembled a range of drinks that represent the pinnacle of their category in terms of exceptional quality, taste and packaging, whilst acknowledging the traditions and cultural heritage of their individual origins.

Our Process


Searching for ‘on trend’ and new products that will appeal to the consumer.

Brand Building

Long-term involvement, but not afraid to change course driven by demand.


Understanding the total process of sourcing, pricing, distributing and supporting.


Either new or existing, very best service at all times. Long-term goal is our target.


Being able to supply the right product information and samples at the correct price with on-going support.

Global coverage

Seeking great interesting new products from around the world. Not driven by large volumes.


Getting Brand owners involved at the required time and level.


Back-up support as required for distributors and end customers.

Our Team

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