Fabbri Mixybar


Made in Italy. More than 110 years of experience of selecting and working with the finest ingredients. The production of all Fabbri products occurs in Anzola dell' Emilia (Bologna). Quality since 1905 - the number 1 syrup in Italy.

The sweetest company for more than one century.

Chosen by the best professionals in Italy and worldwide, Fabbri products come from the talent and wisdom of the company's father, Gennaro Fabbri. The year 1930 saw the birth of Fabbri Syrups, obtained from fruit processing that became a point of reference for the preparation of drinks and the customisation of ice creams, fruit salads and yogurt.

The range of Fabbri cocktail ingredients is huge, to suit all tastes and to create new ones. Concentrated syrups with a high aromatic yield that once opened, preserve all their quality until the last drop and even at room temperature.

A few favourites of Fabbri Mixybar syrups come in Zero Sugar Added - see below to see the full range.

         1O Reasons to Choose Fabbri Mixybar
  • Meticulous formulations for distinctive and unique sensory profile
  • High content of fruit juice and pulp
  • Natural flavourings. Free of artifical colourings
  • Certifications, lifestyles, consumer needs - A continous and dedicated attention to food allergies, sensitivity, culture and traditions. Lactose free, gluten free, vegan products, Halal Italy and Kosher.
  • Preservative free
  • Higher yield - 10-30% of less amount in the use of syrups and puree (compared with main competitors)
  • Sustainability - A constant investment to safeguarding the environment: thanks to the use of PET syrup bottles are 100% recyclable and unbreakable. This results in a reduction of packaging material and lower fuel consumption levels for the transport (-30% of CO2 compared to glass).




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