Miel de Tierra Reposado

The Grandfather. As Smooth as Honey, as Grand as Miel de Tierra's Soil. Miel de Tierra's first-born mezcal is distinctly different, recommended for sensitive and refined tastes that treasure delicate flavours.  


“The smoothest tasting mezcal” in its category, Miel de Tierra Reposado has been recognized multiple times for its delicate flavor to the palate. It is undoubtedly the strong notes of virgin oak timbers that mark the exquisite tasting experience, deliberately replacing the flavours of smoke and ash that are common amongst classic mezcals.

Finally, Miel de Tierra Reposado is characterized by the light touch of “honey” that lingers on the palate. This delicate flavour comes from the sweet sap of virgin timber that is strictly used to rest our mezcal for months in the catacombs of our hacienda.

The local family tradition of Casa Miel de Tierra, hailing from the colonial towns in the South of the state of Zacatecas, declares that only local-made, virgin, white oak wood caskets can be used for resting Mezcal. The “Earth’s Honey” comes from the sweet, amber-flushed tree sap, which can only be found in virgin barrels made of fresh natural oak timber. The barrel has never been used for any finality. Its sole purpose in this Earth will only be sharing its properties to a single Mezcal batch of Miel de Tierra.



A Mezcal of indisputable artisan quality. This platinum glossy honey-coloured mezcal possesses an extravagant and centered nose with soft balsamic notes. The eponymous flavours of earth and honey are deftly framed from a sweet, vanilla bean tone of fresh oak on this agave’s lush nose. The palate has medium-plus weight and a nice complexity that shows gentle cinnamon spice, sweet clover, and a pleasant finish of earthy and mineral characters.

There is an indisputable romance between the flavors of Mezcal and the wood with which it is aged, unquestionably fruit of the unusually long rest that is given. As time goes by, the memory of the old oak wood fades away, accompanied as a chaperone by a distinctive honey flavour.

The almost complete lack of smoke may be jarring to some fans of the category, but for Cognac and whiskey drinkers this would be a welcome introduction to mezcal





Señor Brown
  • 45ml Miel de Tierra Reposado Mezcal
  • Top with Sidral Mundet Sour Apple Soda
  • Stir gently to combine in a Collins glass with ice



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